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Battling Placenta Previa: my pregnancy journey

Imagine this: It was supposed to be a week of pure celebration, we had just found out we are having a baby girl. But in a sudden twist of fate, our world was turned upside down.

As we sat in the gynaecologists office, anticipating news about our baby's well-being, little did we know that we were about to receive a completely unexpected revelation. The words "placenta previa" echoed in the room, leaving us stunned and bewildered. What was this mysterious condition that threatened to overshadow our excitement?

What is this Placenta Previa?

Placenta previa is a pregnancy complication where the placenta partially or completely covers the cervix, leading to potential risks during pregnancy and delivery.

I was diagnosed with complete placenta previa (stage 4), where the placenta was completely covering the cervix—a critical situation that posed life-threatening risks for both me and my baby.

Placenta previa story
Types of Placenta Previa

Our gynaecologist explained the gravity of the situation – a premature C-section was inevitable, scheduled weeks before my due date to avoid potential complications during delivery. I was instructed to stop working out, minimize physical activity, avoid stairs, and rest as much as possible. I had to monitor my bladder and stool for any signs of bleeding and be prepared for emergency measures if needed.

Since childhood, I've relied on homeopathic treatment, with most of my medicine coming from my doctor in India. When I learned about placenta previa, I sought a second opinion from my Indian doctor. Her first question was, "Send me the reports," but I had none. The ultrasound clinic director sent the reports to our gynecologist and the hospital where I would deliver, but I didn't receive them myself. I felt lost and anxious, not knowing the stage of placenta previa I was facing. I spent countless hours calling clinics and the doctor's office, desperately trying to obtain my own records, only to face dead ends and frustration.

All I could gather was that I was dealing with stage 4: complete placenta previa, but without my reports, I felt helpless and in the dark about the severity of my condition and the risks it posed to my pregnancy. The uncertainty was overwhelming, compounding the already stressful situation of navigating pregnancy with a complex medical issue.

In complete placenta previa, the risk of tearing the placenta during early labor was paramount. If I went into labour my baby were to tear the placenta while coming out, which would result in severe blood loss, endangering both our lives.

We were nothing but scared as we browsed through Google, stumbling upon alarming articles and worst-case scenarios that painted a grim picture. The uncertainty of my condition weighed heavily on us, especially as I realized I didn't know anyone who had experienced placenta previa.

I reached out to a few doctor friends, and their insights eased our fears. Placenta previa, while serious, was not the death sentence that sensationalized articles had portrayed.

As my C-section date drew closer, I found myself consumed by a profound fear of not making it through the surgery. It's a very common fear that a lot of pregnant women go through as they come closer to their delivery date - the fear of death. My pain tolerance is extremely high, and I have always been a brave girl, but pregnancy hormones combined with my serious condition of placenta previa, it felt like an ominous cloud hanging over me.

I started preparing for my baby girl's arrival in a way that acknowledged the possibility of me not being there. I wanted everything to be ready in case she came home without me. It was a lonely struggle; I couldn't even share these feelings with anyone. I remember leaving for the hospital, taking one last look at my house and my room, unsure if I'd return.

I recall telling my husband Yash, "We need bags in the diaper genie," "I have to unpack the diapers," and "I want to lay the blanket in her crib already," to which he kept replying, "There's still time." But a voice inside me insisted that everything needed to be ready, because 'there won't be anyone to do it after I'm gone.'

But, against all odds, everything worked out fine. (It's not my ghost writing this blog :p) I am doing well, and my delivery was safe and successful. I will share more about my C-section day in my next blog.

I want this to be an open platform for other mom-to-be’s facing similar challenges. If you're going through this, please don't hesitate to reach out. Send me a DM on Instagram or share your message via the contact page, and I will personally connect with you. There's nothing quite like the comfort of speaking to someone who has been through it all. Let's support each other through this journey of motherhood.

Until next time, keep slaying and stay fabulous!





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