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Hey there! I'm Vishakha, aka Vish, the UGC creator and influencer you've been waiting for!


I'm diving headfirst into the whirlwind world of motherhood while still slaying the fashion game! I'm also working on a new series to redefine mom style with a dash of comfort and a sprinkle of flair!


From Zara to Marriott hotels, ELF beauty to Conair and everything in between I've worked with the biggest names in fashion, beauty, mom & baby, hospitality and food brands.


So, buckle up, buttercup! Together, we're about to set the digital universe ablaze, one jaw-dropping post at a time.

Work Samples



Mom and Baby

Food & Beverage


Grace Danas

Influencer Marketing Coordinator - HoneyLove

"Oh my goodness Vishakha- this is AMAZING! You totally nailed it! Thank you for sending this over it's perfect"

Falita Chhabra

Marketing Director - Westin Toronto

"We have worked with many other bloggers, but this time it was different. You do it from your heart"


Influencer Marketing Manager - PR Hacker

"We are definitely going to work with you again on campaigns. Your content is spot on!"

Miguel Deon

Founder - Saltwreck

"Collaborated for the second time for Valentines day campaign and got a lot of traction both the times"


Based in Canada & USA. Kindly email for a detailed address.


+1 437-232-9292



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